Ever go for a swim and have towels that you can rent and return, or heading to a gym where you can take and dump the towels into a basket after a workout? Wonder if these towels are wash properly, or who are in charge of washing them? Now you no need worry so much, as there are laundry shops everywhere in Singapore. All bulk laundry can be sent for wash to a laundry shop, and this includes towel laundry.


With that said, we provide professional, reliable and cheap laundry service in Singapore for your bulk laundry, be it clothing or towels. We offer towel laundry service for gyms, swimming complex or condominiums. You need not worry about those free towels shared as we clean the towels with a particular solvent that will take off dirt and bacteria, and make them clean as new again.

Our cheap laundry service will also provide quality cleaning for your laundry. You need not worry about our quality as we are client-oriented and we strive to provide the best service for our clients. Our laundry service also includes pickup and delivery of your laundry. Therefore, you no need to worry about bringing your laundry to our laundry shop too.

Should you need more information on our laundry service in Singapore, feel free to get in touch with us!