Home Ironing Service Singapore

Whenever you have decided on the clothes, you want to wear before leaving home, and you realised that they are not straightened, don’t you feel annoyed by it?

Having straightened clothes can show people your image and your character. Wearing wrinkly garments will also show how unkempt you are when you are out and about or meeting people during the day.

Engage our laundry service, and you need not worry about wrinkly clothing anymore! We provide ironing service in Singapore on top of our laundry services. You can send over your clothing, and we will help you do your ironing and make sure that after the pressing is over, your clothing will still be straight and clean.

Our professional team handles our ironing services, and you do not need to worry about burnt clothing as we ensure that all clothes are well-taken care and iron out correctly.

Admit it, sometimes we get a little bit anxious to iron our clothes, especially the expensive ones because we are afraid if it’ll get ruined! Most of us do not have the time to learn how to iron clothes properly. Clothes need to be handled with care and it needs the right heat for the right fabric. And that can take a lot of time to learn.

But not to worry, fresh and Clean is here to make your life easier! We provide professional and reliable Ironing Services in Singapore. Wearing wrinkled and unkempt clothes shows a lot about your character which can affect your success in a workplace environment.

Leave the ironing to us and be guaranteed to get a great first impression during your important meetings!

Engage with our Ironing Services in Singapore.

As we strive to deliver impeccable service to our valued customers, we offer the Cheapest Ironing Service in Singapore, without abandoning the quality of our service. We also provide Home Ironing Service for your convenience. Rest assured that your clothes are in good hands with our professional team.

Should you need more information about our ironing service in Singapore, please kindly get in touch with us today!