Graduation Gown Dry Cleaning Singapore

Graduation Ceremony is a celebratory event to acknowledge and recognise graduates’ hard work and achievements. New graduation gown sometimes lingers a weird smell from the plastic packaging. Hence, it is unideal to not wash your graduation gown before your big ceremony.

Top Quality Service for Graduation Gown Laundry in Singapore

At Fresh and Clean, we provide professional Graduation Gown Dry Cleaning service in Singapore. We are dedicated to ensuring that you feel comfortable and confident with nice smelling graduation gown on your commemorative day.

Our reliable experts are well-trained in washing and dry cleaning different types of graduation gown fabrics. You can rest assured that your graduation gowns are handled with care with thorough inspection before and after cleaning.

Look stunning in your steamed and lightly scented graduation gown during your big day by engaging with our Graduation Gown Dry Cleaning service! Preserve your graduation gown with another round of dry cleaning to wash off all the sweat and dust in order to maintain it at its pristine condition.

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