Carpet Cleaning Singapore

Carpet cleaning is tedious, especially when dirt and dust are trapped within the cotton. It is even tougher when stains can be seen and need to be scrubbed off.

We specialise in carpet cleaning, and we have the right tools and solvents to clean off the stains, dirt and dust from your carpets. We wash, clean and vacuum your rug to keep it at its top condition.


Our professional team of cleaners will make sure your carpets will be thoroughly cleaned and look brand new again. Our carpet cleaning service will not damage your carpets; therefore you can put 100% heart into our service.

Cleaning your carpet with a vacuum may not be sufficient to suck out all the stubborn dust and dirt that is trapped deep within the carpet fibres. Some stains may be difficult to clean off because it needs the right solvent to work.

Choose Us as your Best Carpet Cleaning Agent

At Fresh and Clean, we provide the Best Carpet Cleaning service at affordable rates. We have all the right solution needed for different types of carpet materials to remove stubborn stains and dirt that will not affect the quality of the carpet.
Our Carpet Cleaning experts are well equipped with in-depth knowledge on thorough carpet cleaning – washing, cleaning and drying while ensuring that your carpets are kept at its Best Quality.

Our team of professionals are devoted to delivering the Best service to our valued customers.

Trust us with our professional service, your reliable Carpet Cleaning Agents in Singapore. Contact us for more information.

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